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Meta Reveals New AI Chip: Powering the Next-Gen of AI Technologies

• Meta has released new details about its in-house AI chips and other related projects.
• The company is building a data center, 16,000 GPU supercomputer, and first-generation silicon chip for its AI models.
• Meta has not yet revealed much detail about its AI technology, but has announced products aimed at the public.

Meta Introduces In-House AI Chips

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently disclosed more information on their artificial intelligence (AI) projects. This includes a first-generation silicon chip for training and inference acceleration called MTIA (Meta Training and Inference Accelerator), as well as a data center optimized for AI applications and a 16,000 GPU supercomputer that is one of the fastest in the world.


The MTIA chip is designed to be used in complement with GPUs to improve recommendations. Newer versions of this chip have higher specifications than before.

Data Center

The purpose of the data center designed by Meta is to use data in various AI applications such as inference and training; it will also supplement their video transcoding chip MSVP (Meta Scalable Video Processor).

16,000 GPU Supercomputer

This supercomputer built by Meta is intended to be used for research into artificial intelligence. It contains 16,000 GPUs which makes it one of the fastest in the world currently available for research purposes.

Public Availability

While Meta has not yet revealed much detail about its AI technology publicly, they have announced products meant for public use in recent times.