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AI Companies Lobby EU for Open-Source Support in Upcoming Regulations

• CoinDesk has sealed a $125M deal and is in its final stages.
• AI companies are lobbying for open-source support in the upcoming EU regulations.
• Companies such as GitHub and HuggingFace have written to European policymakers with recommendations for AI regulation.

CoinDesk Seals $125M Deal

CoinDesk’s deal may be in the final stages, valued at $125 million according to reports. This is an important development for the industry, as it shows that there is growth and investment despite the legal complexities of cryptocurrency trading.

AI Companies Lobby For Open-Source Support In EU Regulations

AI companies are now lobbying for open-source support from the EU when it comes to developing new regulations for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Several tech and AI companies have written to European policymakers asking them to consider their requests about clearer definitions and other matters related to open source development of AI models. These companies include Creative Commons, EleutherAI, LAION, and Open Future.

Recommendations From Tech Companies To The European Parliament

The paper submitted by these tech companies contains a list of recommendations which they would like included in the AI Act which is currently being developed by EU policymakers. It will ensure that AI technology continues to develop properly in Europe if accepted by lawmakers. Despite this, there has been criticism surrounding the draft as some people believe it focuses too much on application layer rather than providing concise definitions of AI technology itself.

Apple Developing Its Own Chatbot Tool

Apple is also developing its own chatbot tool internally as part of its continued efforts into artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. This will allow Apple users to interact with machines just like they would with humans through natural language processing (NLP). It’s unclear whether this chatbot tool will be released publicly or used solely internally but either way it’s an exciting development for Apple fans everywhere who can’t wait to see what else comes out of this project!

Societe Generale Subsidiary Receives France’s First Crypto License

Societe Generale subsidiary, Lyxor Asset Management has received France’s first crypto services license from local regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). With this license Lyxor Asset Management will now be able to manage crypto assets on behalf of institutional investors looking for exposure in digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum without having to buy them directly themselves. This could potentially revolutionize how institutions invest in digital assets going forward!